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Some Situations Reflecting the Absence of Essential Will

In the Diamond Approach we find the concept of Will indispensable for understanding ego and its development. Its importance for essential realization is even greater. Many systems of inner work, including Gurdjieff s, are based on this aspect of Essence. Schools that use the martial arts are using the aspect of Essential Will. In terms of ego development, structure and conflicts, the understanding of Will can bring a greater clarity and specificity. The absence of Will is reflected in the following situations, which we discuss only briefly:
* The moment one identifies with a defensive structure one cuts himself off from the Will of Essence. Understanding this can bring a precise understanding of the difference between the beingness of Being and the activity of ego.
* Castration anxiety is a direct consequence of being cut off from the Will Essence. The Oedipal situation augments the situation, but does not create it. For more detailed discussion of this point refer to our book The Void. It is enough for us here to mention that the state of castration itself is nothing but the state of deficiency resulting from the loss of contact with the Will Essence.
* The exaggeration of masculine identifications and qualities in some men and women is a reflection of absence of Will. Will is considered in most cultures to be a masculine quality. Thus having a masculine image becomes a way of covering up the hole of the Will by an ego
structure with masculine characteristics; this is an emulation of Will. Rigidity and inflexibility in ego structure is a way of covering up the Will deficiency by creating something that emulates its sense of solidity.

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