Excerpt About Wholeness

Settling Spontaneously in the Condition of Wholeness
The Diamond Approach says that wholeness is available, is possible, and it will arrive in its own time. The ultimate nature of the wholeness doesn’t mean that it is available to you at each moment. Being just does not operate this way, which should be clear from most of our observations. The dynamism doesn’t thrust wholeness on you. It responds appropriately and intelligently to your unique situation in each moment. It is intelligent, perceptive, sensitive, and empathic in its responsiveness. When you are aligned with Being’s intelligence, the current of your experience in any given moment is either in the condition of wholeness or approaching more wholeness and more integration. The wholeness is the source of the intelligence; in fact, this intelligence is nothing but the expression of the wholeness through the response of Being’s dynamics. Therefore, it is natural that when you completely and deeply relax, your experience will spontaneously settle in the condition of wholeness.

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