Excerpt About Wanting

The Natural Movement of Change is an Unfoldment

Wanting things a certain way, wanting things to be different, wanting to change yourself, wanting your situation to change, wanting feelings to change is not an effective approach, because you can only want things to change according to what you know. What needs to happen is something you don’t know and the only way it can happen is for you to stop the movement of trying to change things and just let yourself be open and say, “I don’t know what’s supposed to happen. Why don’t I stop all this business and just allow things to happen.” If anything new is going to happen, it’s got to come from somewhere else, not from your ideas about things. What we are doing, in effect, is trying to learn how to get used to flying an airplane, when all we are used to is driving a Rabbit. If you understand what I am saying, you’ll see that there is no other way. If you continue doing things the same way as you always have, you can only produce the same results. It is understandable that you want to change. Change is natural. Change is the actual state of reality. Reality is always in flux, in constant change and transformation. Life is change, continual movement and transformation and renewal. When it is allowed to unfold, life is always fresh and new. Creativity is the movement of life. When you allow yourself to be, instead of trying to change, you become a creative person. Life is creativity, unfoldment, transformation, in ways you can’t even imagine yet. Wanting to change has nothing to do with change. Trying to change has nothing to do with the natural movement of change. The natural movement of change is an unfoldment. It’s not something you can direct.

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