Excerpt About Universal Love

Universal Love Accepts Everything, Including the Personality

Most people will respond more to universal love than to other kinds of love. People are comfortable with it, because there is no you and no me in it, and thus the various issues around other aspects of love tend not to arise. There is more trust then, and less fear. One of the main issues regarding this aspect is fear. It is fear that makes you feel that there is a you which needs to be protected, a you which needs to be enhanced. In the experience of universal love, there is nothing to be protected and nothing to be accumulated. There are no boundaries that separate the
inside from the outside. The love is an ocean, and you are part of it, a drop of it or a channel for it. When I say that the personality or the identity must move out of the way in order to experience universal love, I am not saying you have to reject your personality. If you reject your personality, the rejection causes separation and there is an absence of love. Universal love accepts everything, including the personality. It doesn’t see the personality as a barrier, it sees the personality as a part of what is there. From the perspective of universal love, the personality is one fish swimming in the ocean. Suppose this fish happens to be grandiose and thinks it is more important than the other fishes. Universal love says, “If it wants to feel special and important, that’s fine. What difference does it make?”

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