Excerpt About Unity

Perception of Unity
The unity which makes concepts transparent is apprehended through a capacity to perceive which has nothing to do with the physical senses. The basis of unity is not in the physical world. It is a little bit confusing for me to say it that way, because I don’t see the physical world the way we generally think of it. There is a physical world only from the perspective of the physical senses. If more of you is operating, the world you inhabit is not just the physical world, and in this world there are no objects that are separate and absolutely independent of each other. In perceiving the nonseparateness, or unity, you do not lose your capacity to discriminate in the physical world; you just do not see differentiated objects as actually separate. As we have been discussing, the process of discriminating and conceptualizing objects leads to reifying them as discrete and separate entities. This process in turn tends to restrict our perception to the physical senses, because it eliminates our experience of the unified awareness that underlies the concepts; it excludes the perception of the unity of reality.

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