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Forms in Which the Unity Can be Perceived
This perception of the unity and the inseparability of all change and transformation can take many forms. First, it can be the experience of seeing all of existence as a presence that is patterned. This presence is not static but is, in its unified totality, in constant flow. This unified flow occurs in such a way that its pattern is continuously changing and evolving ... This pattern is always changing as the flow is unfolding. So, the unfoldment or flow of Being manifests as the changing of the pattern of the unity, continuously changing the patterns of how things appear. It is like seeing the whole universe as one river that is constantly changing as it flows. We not only perceive this change as changes, transformations, movements, and evolutions in the cosmic pattern, but we also see that these changes and movements include what we ordinarily perceive as our actions and the actions of other living beings. So Being is not only presence, but the flow of presence. It is the flow of nowness in continuous transformation of the universal pattern. This flow is what we usually perceive as the passage of time. In other words what we call time is a limited way of intuiting the flow of Being. Since we ordinarily don't perceive the unity of existence, and so don't experience change as the flow of Being, we think of change as due to the passage of time.

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