Excerpt About Unified Field

A Unified Field of Non-Separateness

Many of us experience the state of oneness, at least fleetingly. This experience, though profound, is two-dimensional most of the time, in that seeing another person is rather like seeing one cell of an organism where all cells sort of look the same. All is one. The dominant experience is of a unified field of non-separateness. However, when the oneness has the precision of the diamond, what manifests is an added dimension. Everything presents itself in much greater relief; every element of the oneness becomes more uniquely itself. It is true that there is a oneness—a nonduality—but the uniqueness appears very precisely, very clearly. In this state, the other person is a particular person with his own quality, and at the same time he is part and parcel of the oneness of everything. With the precision of diamondness, uniqueness is clear; with the brilliance in the diamond, the oneness is undeniable. Both discrimination and synthesis are operative in this diamond oneness. It is all one unified field, but everything is precisely itself, clearly delineated without being separate. This is the perspective of the Brilliancy diamond as it applies to a deeper experience of realization, that of nonduality.

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