Excerpt About Unconsciousness

Our Unconsciousness is the Unconsciousness of a Child

When you relate to another human being, you aren’t really relating to another human being. Instead, you are constantly relating to that person as if he or she were your father or your mother. The main reason you continue relating to other people as father or mother is that you want to continue being a baby. You want to look at other people as if they were adults and you were a child. This becomes clear if you look at how you feel most of the time. You feel that everybody else is an adult and you are sort of a kid. So you expect certain things, you’re angry when you don’t like something, you want things to be your way. You see mommies and daddies everywhere, and you hope you’ll get what you want if you are just good. This applies to how you feel about the Work. You feel that maybe if you do this Work, you’ll be lovable and wonderful, not like you were when you were a little kid. You hope that finally, Mommy and Daddy will find out you’re really a lovable kid and will take care of you. They’ll comfort you whenever you want it, and every time you want a lollipop, someone will hand you one to suck on. That is one of the main reasons people come to the Work. They think it’s the way to be a successful kid. “How nice it would be,” they think, “to understand more and expand more so people will think I’m wonderful and want to be around me and dothings for me and give me what I want.” Our unconsciousness, our inability to see things as they are, is mainly because we don’t want to grow up. Our unconsciousness is the unconsciousness of a child. It is nothing but continuing to see things the way you saw them when you were about a year old.

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