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We See Things in Ways that are Totally Dictated by Our Unconscious

When I say this principle is absolute, I mean just that. It is absolute in the way a physical law is absolute. It has nothing to do with your opinions or your preferences. That’s the way reality is; it is the truth. But we try to hedge that truth, try to change it, try to show that it’s not so. What stops us from understanding and accepting this truth is lack of objectivity. We don’t see things as they are. That is the main obstacle—our lack of objective perception. We see things in ways that are totally dictated by our unconscious, which means that we don’t see things as they are at all, or we see them always clouded and unclear. We see things according to our fears and desires; we see what we expect to see. What we see, in fact, is only our unconscious projected onto the world. We don’t see the world as it really is, we don’t see others as they really are, and we don’t see ourselves. Because of that, our motivation, our direction, is crooked, out of alignment. Our orientation is wrong. We try to orient ourselves according to our dreams and opinions, which are all conditioned by the unconscious. To be objective means to see exactly what is there, exactly the way it is, regardless of how you feel about it. The difficulty is that most of the time we think we see things that way when we do not. If we did see things exactly the way they are, we would see that the only fulfillment is the life of Essence. It would be simple and obvious. How else could it be? How could I want it to be different? It is the greatest freedom.

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