Excerpt About Ultimates

The View of No Ultimates

The view that I am presenting here is the view of no ultimates, not the view of many ultimates. You could say that there are many ultimates—that is a valid and useful way of experiencing the potential of spiritual practice. But how about not thinking of them as ultimates? How about considering them to be different ways that reality manifests itself? A subtle value judgment arises when you say, “This one, and not that one, is the ultimate.” That means that other conditions are not as good. This kind of judgment can introduce a comparativeness that seeps into the practice to push it in the particular direction of what is considered ultimate. In the view that I am presenting, you don’t need to think of any ultimate. In fact, whatever is happening right at this moment is the ultimate. Why not what you’re experiencing right now? Even if you are experiencing a dualistic state, that is how reality is manifesting itself. If you can accept that completely and let the experience be, the reality of that state will naturally transform into something else.

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