Excerpt About Turnings of the Wheel

True Nature is More Mysterious than Just Being the Being of all Beings

But the fourth turning of the wheel shows us that absolute nondual realization, although it is enlightenment, is only one way of looking at enlightenment. Realization can happen in other ways. It is not a matter of only being true nature. True nature is more mysterious than just being the being of all beings. It also reveals things about being, about the relationship of being to all manifest experience and the question of whether it is or is not. One of the realizations in the fourth turning of the wheel, for instance, is that the questions of whether true nature is emptiness or fullness, whether it is being or nonbeing, whether it is boundless or bounded, whether it is infinite or finite, are trivial and irrelevant questions that don’t apply to true nature. All these are possible ways for true nature to manifest itself, but true nature can manifest itself in ways that defy the logic of these questions. Other questions come into play then, and that radically opens the field of what is possible.

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