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Truth is one of the aspects of Essence, which expresses its property of essential truth as the very existence of Truth, rather than as Truth related to some object or idea. This aspect reveals that Truth is ultimately a Presence, a self-existing quality of Being, and not only a quality which qualifies something else. Truth is then experienced as a dense and substantial Presence, solid and real. It is a Presence that has luster, warmth, intimacy, and realness. It is a solidity that is not corrupted by lies and falsehood, but can expose all lies and falsehood. Although it is dense and solid like gold, Truth possesses heart qualities like warmth and intimacy.
The Point of Existence, p. 527   •  discuss »
Truth is the fundamental ground of our soul, so the soul is fundamentally faithful to the truth. She always lives and acts out what she believes to be true. Yes we frequently act out of lies and falsehoods, but this is because the soul believes that they are true. When we act out being a little deficient kid for an instance, it is because the soul believes that she is a little deficient kid. When we act from anger, we really believe that the truth is that we should act out of anger. The difficulty is not that the soul loves or likes falsehood, but that she takes falsehood as truth and lives it out faithfully. For example, the soul will not let go of identification with the ego because the soul is totally convinced that this is who she is. The soul is convinced that she is the body, that she is this person, and so this is what she is going to live, act out, and defend until death. The soul is, in a word, ignorant.
Spacecruiser Inquiry, p. 402   •  discuss »
When you take the attitude of truth, you will understand that pain and suffering will increase for a while because what you've been rejecting will start manifesting. This will happen until you understand it. Then things will change. Things will change, but the change will be slower if you are interested in the change. The change will be facilitated if your interest is in the truth. The truth is nothing mysterious. The truth is always what is there, your experience at that moment, not in the past and not in the future. The truth is now, and your life is now.
Diamond Heart Book II, p. 76   •  discuss »
To give up the self means, “I am willing to not protect myself against the truth. I am willing to not defend or resist.” Most of the time, giving ourselves up to the truth means giving up our defenses, manipulations, positions, and strategies – all things we used to shore ourselves up or to continue to preserve ourselves. And because loving the truth arises from the place where we are willing to be selfless, we cannot try to figure out how to be selfless. The self cannot figure out how to give itself up, because in the very act of thinking, the self keeps on preserving itself.
Spacecruiser Inquiry, p. 129   •  discuss »
love of truth for its own sake is actually the expression of essential heart. When one perceives the heart on the Being level, one can recognize that love is the expression of truth. Seeing that a necessary requirement for objectivity, which is usually considered a mental quality, is pure love of truth, which is a heart quality, we observe the organic interrelation between the various aspects of Essence. It is interesting to remember that the beginning of ego has a defensive character, and defense is nothing but hiding a certain truth of experience. So the requirement for inner realization is the converse of the most basic characteristic of the ego; defense and resistance are the enemies of truth, and love is its ally.
Pearl Beyond Price, p. 191   •  discuss »
Truth is really more the realm of the heart than the realm of the mind. When you discover the truth aspect of Essence, you find it is a heart quality. The depth of the heart is truth. Truth is not a mental thing. Truth is something that exists and the quality of truth in Essence is something you experience in your heart. What makes you know that something is true is a sense in the heart - not in the mind. The mind can investigate, but cannot give you the sense of truth.
Diamond Heart Book I, p. 234   •  discuss »
So let’s see more about truth, lies, compassion, and the relationships between them. I think we know more about lies than anything else. We’re experts. Everyone’s an expert at lying to himself and others. We’ve been doing it for years and years. And it’s very important now to see that attitude we usually have: that truth is our enemy. That’s why there are such things as avoidance, repression, resistance. If we didn’t think that truth was our enemy, we wouldn’t resist and repress our emotions, we wouldn’t try to avoid seeing the truth. Not only that, but usually we aren’t even aware of the fact that we reject that truth, and fight it. If you can see that you resist truth, already one layer of lies is removed.
Diamond Heart Book I, p. 91   •  discuss »
As we get more present in our bodies, in our bellies, we can get closer to our Essence which is truth, which is what makes us know what is true, what is false, not from logical deduction, or from the unconscious. You just know. You are close to that subtle sense which is truth. After a while you see that for you, truth is no longer a judgment of certain situations or statements, but has an existence of its own. Essence is truth, then. Then you will know where that satisfaction and joy has been coming from, every time you feel the truth in you, the truth about you in a situation. All this work we do on seeing the truth has been to lead to that truth, the truth of Essence.
Diamond Heart Book I, p. 98   •  discuss »
The correct perspective from which you can do this work is always to be aware of whether you are interested in the truth of what is happening right now, or whether you are trying to achieve something. Are you doing the work now to acquire something, to arrive at a certain goal, or are you doing it because you love the truth? This is a shift in attitude that is needed for us to finally understand the hopelessness of the situation. You are caught and divided because you still have hope that things will be different. That hope creates desire, the desire creates rejection of what is there, the rejection of what is there creates division, the division creates conflict, the conflict creates suffering, the suffering then creates searching. The searching creates more rejection and more conflict and the cycle continues.
Diamond Heart Book II, p. 72   •  discuss »
In our path of seeking the truth out of the love of the truth, we encounter many forms and dimensions of truth. At some point we discover the essential truth, the actual presence of spirit, which is our true being. We discover many aspects of this essence and realize these aspects manifest on several dimensions. These dimensions are revealed as the inherent primordial structure of true nature, our essential being and the being of all existence. Each dimension reveals something fundamental to true nature and necessary for our life and experience. Our path unfolds these dimensions in a sequence of increasing subtlety and depth. The deepest and final dimension we find, the dimension that forms the ground of all dimensions, and of all manifestations, the ground of all grounds, is what I refer to as the Absolute.
Diamond Heart Book V, p. 31   •  discuss »

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