Excerpt About True Nature's Nature

True Nature is what Gives Everything Being

Because of the various properties of true nature, we don’t only recognize true nature as our beingness, as what makes us be what we are. True nature also reveals itself as the awareness and luminosity and goodness of what we are, as the openness and lovingness and kindness of what we are. We see heart in a pure way, and mind in a pure way, and existence in a pure way. We can see them as the nature of everything; we can see everything as love or everything as awareness or everything as existence. Everything has the characteristic of being more transparent than we thought. Even the physical, the emotional, and the mental things that we experience appear as spiritual manifestations. This experience of spirit is not outside of the physical, mental, or emotional realm of experience. When we recognize that true nature is what gives everything being, all these things begin to show what they really are, begin to show that they are all manifestations of the same truth, of the same reality.

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