Excerpt About Transparency

Various Degrees of Transparency in the Functioning of the Soul

To illustrate, when the soul experiences herself as the love aspect of essence she experiences herself as the presence of love. She is love, and love is presence with sweet and appreciative characteristics. When the soul functions she has various degrees of transparency to this presence of love. Although she can be love before complete clarification, when she functions her actions will not be absolutely loving, for she retains limiting impressions that separate her functioning from the presence of love. However, when the soul is essentialized she is totally inseparable from the presence of love. She is completely transparent to the aspect of love, so transparent to it that she is completely indistinguishable from it, fully co-emergent with it. The soul is a dynamic functioning medium, but now fully co-emergent with the presence of love. Her action now is love acting. She is not only love, but she is loving in a complete and full way. She is a presence that expresses itself dynamically as loving action. The dynamism and the presence of love are inseparable, co-emergent.

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