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The State of Transcendence

The state of transcendence can be experienced on many dimensions, not only on the plane of Pure Being, We have seen it in all the formless dimensions of Being, But it always involves a transcendence of the body. It is not only a matter of not identifying with the body, but also of not locating one’s presence or consciousness in it. The consciousness, presence or beingness is experienced as larger than the body, usually infinite, containing the body, but never excluding it. One then knows oneself as beyond the body, transcendent to it, and of a nature that is not physical. Oneness always includes the body, but unity does not; for there is no differentiation in unity. Unity can be considered a condition of transcendence, but it is not in relation to anything, while oneness is a transcendence of the body. As a person one is not exactly the body, but one’s presence and consciousness are located within it, or more accurately, coexistent with it, and inseparable from it. However, one’s nature is still that of Being, just as in transcendence. So the person is nothing but the embodiment of Being. It is being Being but acting through the body. One is Being, in all of its dimensions and aspects, but one is living in time and space. The person is the presence of Being in the world, as a human being.

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