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The State of Synthesis
So experientially, the state of synthesis means a sense of no gap. Nothing is missing. The way it is recognized in terms of affect is a sense of completeness, absolute completeness. That “I am complete.” Usually, we don't know what it means to be complete. We have never felt being complete in a real way. Completeness is a very unusual perception. To know it, one has to actually be the aspect of intelligence, be the Brilliancy, and be it completely. It is not, “I'm experiencing it, tasting it, feeling it, using it,” and so on. No. That kind of experience means there is a sense of incompleteness. The completeness happens when the person totally settles into the actual aspect of Brilliancy. The completeness cannot be described in words. It can only be contrasted to other kinds of experiences. In completeness, there is no need, no wanting, no desire, and no interest. There is no movement and no impulse toward movement of any kind out of the completeness because nothing is missing. There is not even curiosity, no stirring at all in the mind. And completeness is not a collection of parts but a seamless presence. It is a beingness that is a sense of amazing purity and innocence, radiance and brilliance. Its texture is a sense of smoothness, delicacy, exquisiteness and brightness. A completeness that defies words, really.

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