Excerpt About Suchness

In Reality there is No Such Thing as Unity or Oneness

There is oneness in the non-conceptual dimension, in the sense that we do not perceive the forms of manifestation as separate and discrete. Yet, we do not experience oneness, we do not feel that everything is one. It is not that we feel everything is not one, but rather that we do not experience one and do not experience not one. There is no one and no many in non-conceptual awareness. There is just the suchness of things, or more accurately, it is thus. Reality as such is neither a oneness nor a multiplicity, but an indivisible truth that we experience without thinking it is an indivisible truth. The experience of unity and oneness is simply the contrast to that of separateness and multiplicity. In reality, there is no such thing as unity or oneness, for Reality is beyond any such categories. It is what it is, before any knowing and commentary.

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