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Knowing that Essence is a Substance Does Not Make it Easier to Perceive

We believe that there is also the reason of caution taken by some authors. If a seeker hears that essence is a substance, and if the tendency of the individual's personality toward identification for the purposes of defense is still dominant, there might arise the error of taking an unidentified sensation or a physical substance of the body as the essence. This sort of error can lead to negative consequences. So we need to state here that knowing that essence is a substance does not make it easier to perceive. The process of self-realization will still require all the work of
understanding and refinement of perception. On the other hand, the knowledge of substantiality can work as an orienting force, a confirming insight, a safeguard against not recognizing or ignoring essence when it might be present, and a protection against taking something else to be our true nature and essence. We believe it is time to make this truth as clear, as precise, and as available as possible. It can save many people much hardship and waste of time and effort. There is no need for this knowledge to continue to be secret and esoteric, especially now that there is a tremendous need and thirst for it. We can use understanding and clarity to safeguard against misusing it.

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