Excerpt About Strength

Living Life from the Perspective of Essential Strength

The experience of strength is complete only when you begin to live your life from that perspective. If you’ve realized your essential strength, why do you pretend that you are weak? What happened to the strength you experienced in your session yesterday? Even if it’s gone today, why don’t you remember that you felt that way? Do you reserve the truth only for your sessions? Only one hour of truth a week or a month? Do you hope the rest of your life will just magically transform? Most people in this work secretly dream that they will go to the group and their sessions, will listen to the talks, meditate, have ecstatic experiences, and then their life will automatically become wonderful. But the insight of the work will have to penetrate our lives in a very genuine way if we want to live according to the truth. We actually have to go about creating our life by acting according to the knowledge of who we are and what reality is. Living according to the truth means taking care of yourself. If you recognize that you are precious, then you have to treat yourself as somebody who is precious. If you realize that human beings are precious, you have to treat everybody as if they’re precious. If what the world is and who you are are preciousness, then you can’t walk into your closet and put on a dirty shirt because there are no clean ones. If you’re precious and you haven’t got a clean shirt, you go wash one right then. You let your knowledge and experience live through your actions.

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