Excerpt About Stomach

Looking at Reality through the Lens of the Physical World

The Basic Fault is looking at reality through the lens of the physical world, relying on the experience of your body to define who you are and what the world is. The central object relation is founded on the identification with the body and its relationship to the body of the mother, whether as the stomach relating to the breast or as the embryo relating to the placenta. Many people, when they regress very deeply, think that the teacher is a placenta. When people pray to God, they pray as if to a placenta. "Give me grace. Give me some oxygen. Give me fulfillment." Who are they praying to? The mother’s breast and, more deeply, the placenta. I call it placenta longing. People do strange things with their mind. They think they have a relationship with God when they're really fantasizing their relationship to the placenta. I'm not kidding. That actually happens. Sounds funny, but at a very deep level, it’s what we do.

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