Excerpt About Stomach

The Issue of Meaning

It is difficult to convince someone who still has dreams, plans, and ideals that have not been accomplished, that the issue of meaning is important and that it has nothing to do with these things, accomplished or not. This is the reason that in the old times in Work schools people were accepted only in the mature phases of life. Younger people were not believed capable of giving up on the hope that achieving their dreams would satisfy them, unless perhaps they were disappointed very early. As you have probably observed, most of us are still like that, still hoping this or that plan will give it to us. There is nothing wrong with having kids, family, a job, certain ideals to live up to. But, these things don’t answer the question of meaning. They have different purposes: they are entertaining, fill your stomach, warm your bed, give you company and intimacy, provide something to be occupied with. But they don’t provide you the meaning of life.

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