Excerpt About Spiritual Practice

A Certain Paradox of Realization

Most spiritual paths, including the Diamond Approach, involve a certain paradox of realization. We practice, we do exercises, we become responsible for our own liberation and, at the same time, we know from our experience that realization often happens without being directly connected to the practices that we engage. By exploring this paradox, we can come to understand the relationship between our own intention to wake up and the action of grace. We can come to appreciate the relationship between our own responsibility for our experience and the view that God or Being or true nature makes freedom happen. Both perceptions, both ends of the relationship, reflect truths. Understanding the paradox involves seeing how practice and realization interrelate, interact, and interweave until they become one dynamic. Many of us have encountered this dynamic in our experience. We meditate often, inquire with our friends, do all sorts of practices, and yet many of our deepest realizations don’t happen while we’re practicing. Realizations happen while we take a shower or amble down the street or sip a latte.

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