Excerpt About Spiritual Practice

Assisting the Heart in Its Quest for Truth

The practices you have learned here will help you to go beyond the usual level of experience. You cannot establish your inner orientation with the mind, but the heart knows when you are headed in the right direction. The mind becomes quieter. This doesn’t mean that you get stupid; in becoming still, the mind opens to a new dimension of itself to assist the heart on the quest for truth so we venture into unknown territory and begin to learn to know in new ways. Our desire is not only to feel the truth but also to know it completely and to be taken in by it totally. With its innate intelligence and capacity for discrimination, the mind works in partnership with the heart. The heart is what stirs within the soul and makes us want to be nearer. The heart is what feels how close or how far away. The love is what melts the boundaries and awakens the soul to her Beloved and the desire for union with the divine. And the mind plays the important role of discriminating the experience and clarifying the consciousness through understanding.

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