Excerpt About Specificity

Requirement for the Precision and Specificity of the Diamond Guidance

There are other requirements besides curiosity for the full operation of the Diamond Guidance, but we have discussed the central ones. Discussing the rest of the requirements would entail going into the understanding of all other aspects of Essence in their relation to the dimension of objective consciousness, which is beyond the scope of this book. As we have described, the complete purification of ego needed for absorption requires the separation of the false from the true: the false to be eliminated, and the truth to be absorbed. It is not possible to separate the truth from the false if there is the slightest imprecision. And for there to be precision, specific perceptions and insights are required. Thus the exactness, precision and specificity of the Diamond Guidance are required for the process of psychic metabolism, and thus for the realization of the Personal Essence.

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