Excerpt About Shakti

Experiencing Shakti

Kundalini is the main energy that fuels the chakra system. It is connected with sexual energy, but it is sexual energy only when operating in the lower chakras. In the heart chakra, it is experienced as love; in the head chakras, it is experienced as light. Shakti is the same energy but in a different form, that of power. It is experienced as having more of an electrical quality than kundalini. Prana, on the other hand, is experienced as a softer kind of energy than either. It is almost like liquid air. Kundalini and shakti have a certain phosphorescent and colorful quality and hence are more flashy and dramatic. The energy of the chakra level, whether it is called kundalini, shakti, or prana, can be considered to be the energy of essence. In other words, just as essence has the aspects of will, love, consciousness, and so on, it has also the aspect of energy. When the chakra energy is pure, we realize that it is a self-existing energy. We have so far differentiated between essence and energy to emphasize the sense of beingness that is so distinct in essence but not manifested in energy.

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