Excerpt About Shakti

Essence is Different, More Substantial and Deeper than Energy

Essence is something fundamentally different, more substantial, and deeper than energy, whether it is electromagnetic, chemical, chi, prana, kundalini, shakti, libido, orgone, or whatever. However, all these energies must be experienced and freed for a person to be able to move into the realm of being, our essential and true nature. Processes and systems that use energies, like chi, kundalini, shakti, or any of the other energies, are useful for freeing the superficial layers of the organism so that the freed energies can be used for the inner work that will ultimately lead to the discovery and realization of essence. The human organism has many levels or layers of energetic functioning, some of these interpenetrating the others. Most systems focus on one particular layer and use the energies of this layer for the work of inner development. A whole system is then formulated that describes and utilizes these particular energies, their centers, and routes in the body.

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