Excerpt About Separation

The State of Separation
"...it is a state of fullness that is characterized by the following properties: It is a Presence, a beingness. It has a sense of strength and power. The strength is not felt as characterizing one's body or sense of self, but is the Presence itself. This state of Essence is the Presence of Strength... The sense of Strength has a feeling of energy in it. It is an energetic sense of power, a sense of compact excitation and aliveness. This gives it a feeling of being active, although it is actually a Presence, and not an activity. The Strength as a result, feels assertive or aggressive in a positive way... It has a sense of largeness and expansion. One feels energetically big, as if one's energy and Presence is much larger than the dimensions of one's body. Capacity: when this aspect of Essence is present one feels able... The actual affect of this state usually has a feeling of heat. One feels hot all the way through, with a sense of fire and redness. This again indicates its energetic quality.

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