Excerpt About Sensing

Staying with Sensations
Logically it's easy to see, but experientially it's a little difficult. Whatever sensation or whatever feeling you're experiencing, just realize that is what is here at this very second. Forget what it has to do with, in terms of causes and time and all that. Just perceive it as it is. If you're uncomfortable, there is discomfort. That's it. There's a sensation of sorts that feels like discomfort. It doesn’t matter why there’s discomfort. If there is discomfort, just stay with the discomfort. Let your mind go. Don't listen to the sounds in your mind telling you it's because of this and that, urging you to react. No, just stay with it. If it's discomfort, it's discomfort. If it's ease, it's ease. And you could go even beyond the discomfort and notice the actual sensation that you call discomfort, or you call ease, or you call one thing or another. Stay with the bare consciousness, the bare sensation of whatever it is you're experiencing without reflecting on it. Whatever you think, however you feel emerges as instantaneously as the bare sensation. So don't get trapped by the thought or emotion or sensation. And if you realize that you get trapped by it, you realize that too emerges as spontaneously as everything else.

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