Excerpt About Self Image

Change Always Involves a Change in Self-Image

So we see that change always involves a change in self-image; it also involves many other things, such as changes in perception, in attitude, in emotional state, in state of Being, in action, and so on. As we discussed before, self-image determines these factors of experience. In the process ofchange a person will often have reactions that seem to involve not more spaciousness but a more contracted self-image. This is generally a previously unconscious self-image which is made conscious by the action of space dissolving the more superficial self-image which was covering up and defending against the deeper one and its associated affects. For example, a man’s self-image as brave and independent might dissolve to reveal a fearful, dependent image of a little boy, and this might dominate his experience for a while. But when a person is consistently working toward the truth, the self-image will become more and more spacious because space is the true nature of

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