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Seeking Any State of Consciousness Indicates the Presence and Influence of the Superego
The individual seeking self-realization is generally really seeking certain states of consciousness. Now seeking any particular state of consciousness, whether it is painful or ecstatic, is obviously an activity that is oriented in a certain direction; and this implies the presence of a prejudice or a coercive agency dictating this direction, whether through the promise of reward or through the threat of punishment. So, seeking any state of consciousness is really an indication of the presence and influence of the superego. As we already know, this implies the loss of objectivity, or loss of contact with reality, and leads to the rigidity inherent in such seeking. Although this rigid seeking might lead to blissful and ecstatic states, it necessitates repression of all states other than those sought, and is motivated by the pleasure principle; and so is just as coercive as our childhood experience which curtailed our freedom and growth.

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