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The Individual Search

The search for a teaching nevertheless, the situation necessitates that each individual search for the teaching most appropriate for her or him. This is especially true in our postmodern times, where all the teachings of humankind are available. The presence of such plethora of teachings, both ancient and new, can present quite a dilemma to the seeker. The seeker will have to be intelligent and sensitive in his or her choices to be able to connect with an appropriate teaching, which means a teaching that possesses a logos that has a great overlap with the seeker’s personal logos. Under normal circumstances, this means the seeker, in approaching various teachings, needs to be sensitive to which one he or she seems to resonate with. In other words, the choice is not only dictated by the quality of the teacher, which is also very important, and not by the reputation or the glorious stories of a particular teaching. One has to feel a real resonance with the teaching, and intuit that it makes sense somehow, even though one will not be able to tell precisely how, until one breaks the teaching’s code.

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