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The Objective Research of Science Can Proceed Within a View that Recognizes the Ultimate Reality of All Things

Positivist philosophy, the basis of our Western mode of science, believes that the reified world is the real world. Hence, it has no place for God or Being, spirit or soul. It recognizes only the reifying mind, its ordinary knowledge composed of reifications, and the reified world of discrete objects and processes. It calls this “reality,” the exploration of which is science. Science is very good at dissecting the world and studying its components, resulting in our technological advances. It has accumulated much true knowledge about the noetic forms it studies, but as long as it bases itself on positivist philosophy, which is actually an expression of naïve realism, it is bound to miss the ground of all manifestation, the omnipresent field of true nature. It will not be able to penetrate to the ultimate nature and truth of its objects of study. Science need not take the positivist position. Its objective research can proceed within a view that recognizes the ultimate unity of all things; this unity allows for the presence and reality of knowable forms. This deeper and more accurate view may actually aid scientific research, adding another dimension of reality to its study, making this study more complete and objective, and making available to researchers more subtle capacities for perception and research.

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