Excerpt About Samadhi

The Very State of Desirelessness Itself

As the desireless aspect of essence begins to emerge, it infuses our consciousness. The understanding of our suffering and our conflicts around desire coincides with the emerging of essence in consciousness. The intuitive understanding about desire dissolves the related sector of the personality. And as this part of the personality is burned away in the knowledge emanating from the essential aspect, the essence is then free to emerge. Now we are not only infused by the desireless state of samadhi, we are the very state of desirelessness itself. The essential aspect becomes the consciousness, becomes our being and our presence. We now know what it is to be without desires because we are not only desireless, but we are desirelessness itself. We are now the essential aspect of samadhi, desireless, peaceful, rested, expanded and deep. No movement of desire. No movement of attachment. No holding to anything. No human teacher can perform such service to a student. He can embody and manifest the desireless state, but essence allows us to taste desirelessness, fills us with the very substance and consciousness of the desireless state of samadhi. It manifests in us in the form of this aspect. It manifests this aspect in us as ourselves, as our very being. Now we truly know, because now we are what we know. We do not have to look at any teacher. We have the perfect teacher in our very own being.

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