Excerpt About Sacrifice

To Truly Live in the Spirit of the Work Means to Sacrifice Everything For It

To truly do the Work and to live in the spirit of the Work means to sacrifice everything for it. If you do not have that spirit, you need to acquire it, because there is no other way. The Work is not for people to learn a career, to be successful in the world, to have more money. These things might happen as a result of doing the Work, but that is not its purpose. The Work might even take these things away from you. But if you really love the truth, you won’t mind. The Work has always been like this, not only in this school. This part of the Work that we are embarking on will basically take things away from you. There is nothing for you to gain. We will continue to explore other elements of the Work in the weekends and other meetings, where we will deal more with some of the essential aspects and their related psychological issues. This element we’re working with today, however, is important for helping us to remember the spirit of the truth.

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