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Dimensions of Reality Seen as a Riemannian Manifold
Viewing our consciousness in terms of its dimensions, we see that it is not a three-or four-dimensional field, but a multidimensional manifold, a manifold in the sense that it is a dynamic structure of dynamic structures. This manifold is characterized by a nonlinear -- Riemannian -- geometry, in that all the dimensions open up to all the others in nonlinear ways. Even in ordinary human experience, we can be aware of many different levels of experience in a given moment... All our inner experiences are manifestations of forms within the manifold of our consciousness, where these forms are nothing but the very fabric of this consciousness morphing itself at particular regions. This view is not only a more faithful rendering of our inner experience, but clearly reveals the purpose of inner work. This purpose is realizing the awareness of the field of consciousness itself, which makes it possible for us to inhabit our inner field completely in all of its richness and freedom.

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