Excerpt About Reverence

Bowing Our Heads in Humility

When we feel this kind of awed devotion, it is the reverence of reality itself, of its essence and nature, of its mystery and magic. We can’t help but bow our heads in humility. We can’t help but love its purity and goodness and generosity. And as our heart opens in this way, true nature responds by revealing more of itself. This only intensifies our gratitude, which in turn elicits an even greater outpouring of true nature. We can, at some point, recognize that it is a single force that manifests as the two sides of this dialectic. Our continual reverence and the ongoing revelation of reality are two sides of one true nature. We are free to experience this as a dialectic or as a unity, as both at once or as neither. However it appears, the reverence of true nature is a factor, a feature, and an expression of essential activation.

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