Excerpt About Reverence

Seeing that the Reverence is the Reverence of True Nature Itself

It is true, of course, that we can realize true nature as a nondual truth, but when it appears relationally, it can manifest itself in a way that looks dualistic. We feel reverence toward true nature, and this reverence is for what we truly are and what everybody and everything truly is. So even though we realize that we are everything, the impact of that on the individual consciousness is awe and reverence for true nature. When we explore it further, we might see that it is the reverence of true nature itself, that it is true nature waking up to itself and being awestruck by its own magnificence. It reveres and adores the truth. It rejoices in its own majesty without taking ownership of it. As individuals, we often take owner ship when we feel “this magnificence is me.” But, in reality, it is only true nature that can say that.

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