Excerpt About Resurrection

The Resurrection Will Come About Out of the Loss of Everything

If you really accept that you could lose everything, after a while, you realize that all the things you have given up do not truly exist in the way you thought. You don’t really have a car. Nobody actually has a car. You know why? Because they’re all Christ’s cars. He’s got all of them. If you really let go of all that you’ve got, that’s what you will find out; that all your cars belong to Christ. All your houses belong to Christ. All your parents belong to Christ. All your kids belong to Christ. And all the activities are Christ’s activities because there is only one truth. One unified total wholeness. This is what we can come to recognize. If we give up all that we think is real, we will see the truth of oneness. When that happens, it’s not that you will no longer see cars. For a while, maybe the car will disappear; maybe everything will disappear. That is the death, the crucifixion. Then there will be the resurrection, when you realize everything is back, but not back the way you thought of it before. The resurrection will come about out of the annihilation, the loss of everything, including your life, including everything you see around you. If you really let go of all that, you recognize that all is gone, all is dissolved in the Absolute. From there, can arise the resurrection, which is the Christ, which is the life of Christ, in which you recognize that everything around you is life itself, is life, harmony, love, gratitude.

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