Excerpt About Rejection

No Rejection Means No Comparative Judgment

No rejection means no comparative judgment of one thing over another. You don’t say, “I like my essence, but I don’t like my personality.” Who is saying that and what does that mean? It is rejection of the attitude of essence itself. Essence just lets things be. Only when we allow ourselves to see the movement of rejection and allow our understanding to unfold completely does the simultaneous cessation of the movement of rejection and the flow of acceptance happen. Then we regain our confidence and trust in our organism, which is actually a trust in the truth. Seeing and understanding the truth allows this development, because when you completely see the workings of rejection you will feel the suffering and see that our usual way of life doesn’t work, it causes suffering. You began the rejection because you didn’t want suffering, and it’s natural that you want to be happy. The point is not that you should like pain or dislike pleasure; the point is to really understand that the way we go about trying to be happy creates pain. When you see that you will eventually stop. When you completely see your rejection, hope, and desire, you can bring to awareness the pain that you are rejecting and stay with it, because it is your truth in the moment. If you are attached to something, you are rejecting the possibility of it not being there. If you are attached to a person, you are rejecting the absence of that person. There is a holding on, which is a rejection of openness to experience.

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