Excerpt About Regression

Three Regression Processes
1. Grandiosity: This is a regression which is an attempt to return to the feelings of grandeur and omnipotence that characterizes the practicing period of the separation-individuation process. ....... 2. Negative merging: This regression is an attempt to regain the omnipotent comfort and support of the good merged state, characteristic of the dual unity of the symbiotic phase; in other words, it is an attempt to regain the loving support of the Merging Essence.......3. Isolation and detachment: This regression is an attempt to regain the sense of differentiation and strength characteristic of the differentiation sub phase. This defense gives the individual a sense of isolation which is actually an extreme sense of separateness. This happens when one feels too inadequate to be present and still feel separate, reflecting the absence of the Strength Essence.

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