Excerpt About Regression

Ego Regresses, but Not Back to Essence

Unlike essential aspects, the ground presence of essence is not a momentary manifestation. It is a timeless presence, beyond stages of development. It is always present, eternally our true nature. It is present in childhood and adulthood. The question is whether we directly perceive and recognize it. ego structures obscure it and obstruct our consciousness from recognizing it. The earlier structures tend to do that more because they are the more fundamental scaffolding for ego. In other words, our disconnection from this ground happens earlier, generally speaking, than the disconnection from essential aspects. When these structures are penetrated, their obscuring and obstructing influence is reduced or ended and we simply become aware of our true nature. This is not a regression to our true nature, for it does not make sense to view timeless presence within the context of time. It is present even when the ego structures are obstructing us from perceiving it. As we see, the question of regression is not a simple one, because essence is a different category of experience than the content of ego structures and their memories. Ego regresses, but this regression is not back to essence. We do not leave essence back in childhood, for it is outside of time.

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