Excerpt About Red Latifa

The Strength Essence Enables Inquiry to Begin to Discriminate
The human soul will have to separate in order to know itself, which means fundamentally that it will have to develop a discriminated self. It has to know that it is different and how it is different from other things and other people. Otherwise, there is no self-knowledge, no individuation. However, in addition to discrimination in order to separate we need strength; we need to feel strong enough to be able to stand on our own... This brings us back to the function of the Red latifa. The Strength Essence is useful for the inquiry in giving us the strength to begin to discriminate. The more active the Red Essence, the more powerful, precise, and real our capacity for discrimination becomes. The more we discriminate, the more we separate from our reactions and self-images, and the more we know ourselves for who we are, which lets us open up to true nature.

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