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Recognizing that Essence is a Real Factor Operating in You

There is another important aspect of being “in the world but not of it” that I want to point out here. It is the recognition of what Essence is and what it is not. This involves recognizing and acknowledging that Essence is working in you, that it is a real factor operating in you. Essence develops very quickly the moment it is seen and recognized. It thrives on recognition. If you don’t recognize it, it stays dormant. The moment you recognize it, it starts growing. It feeds on light. This is very important for certain aspects of our Work here. We must recognize what factors actually contribute to our change and development. Let’s say you’ve been working on yourself for a year or two, coming to this group and dealing with issues in your life, and some changes start happening. It could be that your heart opens, or you get clearer. You might say, “Oh, my heart opened because I met this wonderful woman; she’s so marvelous. My heart just opened to her, and it’s been open ever since.” In this case, you don’t give recognition to your essential work; you give it to something else. You give credit where it is not due. When you do that, you invalidate your work. You’ve done two years of work on understanding yourself, but you’re saying it didn’t do a thing. You think your openness, your expansiveness, the fullness happened because you met this wonderful woman. Or you say your kundalini opened because somebody gave you this massage, somebody worked on your sacrum in a particular way. You completely ignore the fact that for five years you’ve dealt with all kinds of emotions and that if you hadn’t done this work, somebody could have rubbed your sacrum with sandpaper and you wouldn’t have felt a thing.

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