Excerpt About Realization

Seeing Different Realizations as Equal

Our human tendency to regard whatever realization we are experiencing as the ultimate truth is natural. And many spiritual teachers and practitioners take their particular awakening to be the final one. As I said, many traditions posit different final states ranging from Brahman, Tao, and Dharmakaya to Divine Essence, the Godhead, and Shiva. When we know these states experientially, we find that they are not simply different names for the same realization; each is unique even though there are commonalities. In this teaching, we encounter many different kinds of realization—some of them similar to those posited by other traditions—and we consider them all different faces of one truth. We see these different realizations as equal, even though other teachings might posit one or another of them as the ultimate and true liberation. And, of course, we don’t have any beef with that. We also see that each one of these realizations is true liberation.

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