Excerpt About Reality

Reality, True Nature and Total Being Intersect in Many Ways

When we awaken to reality, we see that reality is the identity of Total Being and true nature. Reality is total being that cannot be separated from true nature. And because of the mysterious properties of true nature, reality includes not only the unity of everything but also the recognition that everything, each single thing, is reality and always has been reality. From this, we can see that each experience, each form, each phenomenon is the expression of reality and is all of reality. Each thing is everything. Each thing contains the totality of true nature without leaving any remainder. Each thing is all things of all times and all space. Reality, true nature, and Total Being intersect in many ways. Reality refers most broadly to everything available to perception and experience. True nature is the underlying heart of this reality. And Total Being is everything that is, throughout all times and all space. These can be three distinct ways of experiencing who and what we are, or we can recognize that they are identical. Taken separately, each of them is useful for referring to something specific in our experience. And their intersection is the beginning of a life of ordinary simplicity. This kind of traceless awakening and realization is reality. There is no sense of enlightenment, no sense that anything has happened, and no sense that anything needs to happen.

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