Excerpt About Quintessence

When Nonbeing Cannot be Differentiated from Being
We refer to the nature of this dimension as quintessential presence, or simply quintessence. Quintessence reveals the most true and objective relation the absolute has to the other dimensions of true nature. It is so integrated with them that there is no hint of separation or even differentiation. Complete coemergence means that the absolute so interpenetrates the field of the other dimensions that we cannot differentiate it from them. If we look at it in terms of its coemergence with the dimension of pure presence, for example, we see that quintessence is presence and absence undifferentiated from each other, clarity and emptiness undifferentiated from each other, being and nonbeing absolutely undifferentiated from each other. It is a clear medium, colorless and transparent, yet it is totally black and mysterious… it is as if each point of this expanse is so empty that it is absolute clarity, a radiance. At the same time this radiance is not only light, but also presence and being. Its ontological nature is so absolutely absence that the absence glimmers with presence. In other words, when true nature reaches the extreme of nonbeing it cannot be differentiated from being.

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