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Questioning in the Teachings of the Diamond Approach

I am sure many of you have questions about what I have been teaching. You may be wondering what the point of spiritual practice is if there is no motivation and no goal, no cause and effect. Why is there a teaching if there is no place to get to? Why present all these aspects, qualities, dimensions, and vehicles of true nature? Whose experience and liberation and realization are being discussed if not yours? Aren’t the states we experience various goals that are progressing toward some final goal? Doesn’t the teaching get subtler and deeper until we reach the final ground where the journey finishes? These are good questions because that is how things appear. And that is the primary way in which we have worked with the path. But we are approaching the question of realization differently now. How we teach the Diamond Approach is different from some other teachings that present the most complete view from the beginning, and students practice to actualize the state of that most complete view. We don’t do it that way, even when we do present an overarching view. We usually do it from a perspective of the view expanding and developing as the path progresses and as the student’s practice matures. So our view keeps opening and evolving as we proceed on the path. That is one way of seeing how we have conducted this teaching, as many of the previous books have shown. In this book, I am presenting a view that not only expands the view that we have been developing over the years in our teaching contexts, but at the same time, departs from the progressive way of looking at things, departs from the view of aspects and vehicles and dimensions of true nature. The view of totality is basically a departure from the view of the journey of ascent and descent. So far in the teaching, we have mostly been working from the perspective of a journey of ascent—going deeper and deeper into the nature of reality—and a journey of descent, in which we integrate those realizations into our life.

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