Excerpt About Psychopathology

Disconnection from the Essential Core of the Self

However, even in the case of psychopathology, narcissistic emptiness is an expression of disconnection from the essential core of the self. Since our work is not oriented towards the treatment of psychopathology, we do not know whether the direct confrontation of emptiness is a useful approach in such cases. It might not be, and the correct approach might very well turn out to be the building of psychic structure through one method or another. The result, even when it is the overcoming of psychopathology, will most definitely be a building or strengthening of a psychic structure that will function, at least in part, to cover up the underlying emptiness. In other words, this emptiness does not disappear totally when the structures of the self are established securely, even though it disappears from consciousness. The emptiness of the empty shell will be more effectively driven out of consciousness, and the shell will be stronger and even more resilient, and it will not be experienced consciously as a shell, but as the normal sense of self. This might be necessary in the treatment of psychopathology, for it will transform pathological narcissism to the narcissism of everyday life, but a different direction is needed if we want to resolve the narcissism of everyday life. We will see in our further exploration of the self-representation that it is always an empty shell, for it is devoid of Essence, its true ontological presence.

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