Excerpt About Psychodynamic Issues

All Psychodynamic Issues are Based on Concepts

I have discussed before that there are two complementary approaches in our work, the psychodynamic and the phenomenological. Psychodynamic work deals with personal issues that are generally determined by conditioned patterns from early childhood. The phenomenological approach involves exploration of perception and cognition. This means confronting and seeing through limitations on our awareness that are not dependent on personalissues. The phenomenological barriers ultimately reduce to the barrier of making reality mental, taking concepts to be truth, to be reality. All phenomenological issues finally dissolve into a consideration of conceptual reality. Psychodynamic issues, the personal patterns, are based upon images, memories, and events (and constellations of these) but each image, memory, or event is based on words or concepts. All psychodynamic issues are based on concepts; so if you have an issue of difficulty in separating from your mother, we can deal with that psychodynamically in terms of what actually happened between you and your mother. But that issue is not determined only by what happened between you and your mother; more fundamentally, it is based on the fact that in your mind there is such a category as separation. The concept of separation has to be there before there can be any issue about separation from mother. And the concept of separation implies the concept of mother and the concept of self. The whole issue of separation would not exist if there were no concepts. All psychodynamic issues ultimately are based on concepts, and so finally reduce to phenomenological considerations, which ultimately reduce to the question of the conceptual mind. So the ultimate or most direct method of work is phenomenologically working through concepts.

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