Excerpt About Psychic Metabolism

Requirements for Purging of Identification Systems
We have seen that metabolism is complete and can lead to the Personal Essence only when it reaches the stage of absorption. We also noted that an identification system can become ready for absorption only when it is completely purged of falsehood. For an identification system, which is an aspect or expression of one's personality to be completely purged or purified, the following is required: To see psychological defenses, to understand them and to recognize that they are false and unnecessary To separate the true, in this segment of the ego, from the false. This means to exactly see, and understand, what actually happened in the past, and to separate this from those things, which one still feels and believes but which did not really occur. For this one must experience the segment of the personality, and look at the memories of the original object relations, without defenses and with complete objectivity. One cannot look at oneself with any prejudice, opinion, attitude, expectation or assumptions without losing objectivity. One must approach the experience wanting nothing and expecting nothing. The only motivation that can work is the innate and spontaneous love of truth for its own sake.

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